Natural Selection

The latest of Roger and Nicki's ventures but one that has been in the pipeline for nearly 40 years. Wyld is a culmination of many things and has strong philosophies that stay true to Roger and Nicki Beattie.

Wyld celebrates the wonders of nature

The name Wyld was chosen to reflect the link between the Pihepe and the Bohepe's survival through Natural Selection and what man naturally selects in order to thrive.

Wyld garments mimic the natural fleeces of the Pihepe and Bohepe, which endure extreme conditions in the wild. These woollen garments allow you to adapt to your environment in the same way the sheep’s wool is able to adapt to its environment.

We grow Pihepe and Bohepe wool as nature intended, with the optimum amount of wool for the sheep to thrive. We value natural quality, created through Natural Selection over maximizing fleece weight and fibre traits designed for fast, low cost production

Our cosywear creates a new appreciation of comfort that stretches the boundaries of wool and how you wear it. Become blissfully unaware of what you are wearing, whilst feeling just right. Our Pilana, natural comfort blend of 50% Pihepe, 25% Bohepe and 25% Possum have been selected to complement each other and to create a yarn that when blended, is greater than its individual parts.

Enjoy the sensory addiction of this unique and lovingly crafted yarn
— Roger Beattie