Pioneering Easy Care Ethical practice 'Beyond Organics'

R&N Beattie Partnership

Roger and Nicki Beattie are the team behind R&N Beattie Partnership. They have both had a lifetime of experience in different fields and have come together with Natural Farming – Beyond Organics.

Nature has been around far longer than modern chemical farming practises and has a way of ensuring its own survival. It would be truly remarkable if we thought we had more wisdom than nature.
— Roger and Nicki Beattie

Our Philosophy

That we can better feed and clothe a growing population; through strong property rights, innovation, respect for others and doing good whilst doing well. 

Our Vision

To create unique foods and fibres of outstanding quality by combining the wonderful diversity of nature with infinite human ingenuity.

Our Goal

To become the world's premier easy care, ethical, organic farm producer of pastoral based protein and to be regarded as the epitome of 'enviropreneurs'.

Our Aim

To create a paradigm shift in thinking about easy care ethical sheep and beef farming.

To learn more about what the partnership does, click on the pictures below. There is a lot to see including Eyris blue pearls and aquaculture, harvesting and drying NZ giant Kelp for horticulture, agriculture and human consumption, the breeding and development of livestock including Pihepe (Pitt Island wild sheep), Bohepe (a breed by AgResearch), Murray Grey Cattle and Hunting Rams, full organic certification of the majority of their farms, predator proof fencing for farming the endangered native Weka and their latest venture, turning all their wool into wearable products so soft, cosy and lightweight you will forget all about them. So take your time and contact us if you have any further questions.