Wool in it's simplest form, from the heart of New Zealand.


Natural Comfort

Pilana works with nature to provide wool as nature intended. Using human ingenuity we have created ways to use these natural fibres, rather than altering them to meet the needs of production.

We find value in taking the time to get everything right without cutting corners or compromising quality and integrity along the way.

Our farming practice allows for our sheep to enjoy life. Pihepe’s are pasture grazed; receive no chemical treatment or antibiotics in their lifetime and are shorn once a year to keep them warm through the winter months.

In production we have taken the time to select natural, synergistic fibres that complement Pihepe wool and create yarn, that when blended, is far greater than its individual parts. 

Our blends have evolved to encapsulate the best attributes of the individual fibres uniqueness: Lightness, softness & warmth

We use slow manufacturing to meet the needs of the fibres, carefully creating each yarn for your use.

Our Pihepe sheep are fully certified organic to USDA NOP standard and run free across the rugged, rolling country at Lucas Bay on Banks Peninsula.

Our 'Beyond Organics' animal welfare allows our sheep to enjoy life.


No tailing

No mulesing

No injections

No antibiotics

No drenching

No dipping

and minimal yard work