NZ Kelp

New Zealand's richest source of natural iodine

NZ Kelp began with food grade kelp which is now under the Valére brand. Once their access to harvesting (using the Quota Management System) increased, they branched into kelp for agricultural and horticultural use, sold under the brand Zelp.

Valére Kelp Pepper began when the Beattie family used it dried and flaked onto fish at BBQs on the beach. They discovered it was really tasty and enhanced the flavour of the fish.

They then cracked it into smaller pieces and used it at home, where it sat on the family dining table and was shaken onto meals. One morning their 4 year old son said a simple phrase and a new name was coined.


"can you pass the 'kelp pepper' please" 


The Beatties unique method of drying the kelp to retain its colour, goodness and flavour has changed little since that time.  Kelp has been eaten by man for centuries and forms a major part of many people's diet. It is also taken as a health product.

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