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The Beattie family farming ethic is all about bringing the enjoyment back into sheep farming.

With the original easy care, ethical Bohepe sheep, and Naturally nurtured Pihepe Pitt Island Wild sheep, genetic purity meets ethical farming practices to bring you fully certified organic and efficient livestock.

No.1 of 3 in the series.

Entitled 'Lower Costs and Increase Production'

Increase production while lowering costs with Bohepe Genetics

No. 2 of 3 in the series.

Entitled 'Is Efficiency More Important than Individual Production'

The problem; production focused farm research.  The Solution; profitability focused farm research

No. 3 of 3, the final in this thought provoking series.

Entitled 'Will you be using More or Less chemicals in the Future?'

Genetic weakness masked by chemicals. Reliance on chemicals is the animal sickness business.

'From Pest to Precious'

Roger Beattie's story about the nature and origin of the Pihepe Pitt Island Wild Sheep.

Bohepe Grading System

How does your flock compare with a national flock estimate and Bohepe sheep?

Bohepe Score - 49

National Flock - 31

Bohepe & Pitt Island Wild Sheep

A short and practical guide for lifestyle block owners on how to care for these unique sheep.

Hand Knit Yarn

4ply - 50g - 180m balls

Possum blend

Cashmere blend

Alpaca blend

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Naturally Nurtured Pitt Island Wild Sheep

Combining the elegance of simplicity with a natural ability to survive.

Guided by nature and now roaming free on the Beattie family organic farm and lifestyle block, Pihepe Pitt Island wild sheep portray the essence of easy care ethical farming.



The Original Easy Care Ethical Sheep

Low cost, easy care sheep are the key to running a profitable sheep farming operation.

Detox Your Flock with Bohepe Genetics

The sooner you start the sooner you will see the benefits.

Bohepe are No. 1 in 15 out of 20 productivity and survivability traits. increase production while lowering costs with Bohepe genetics.

The overuse of chemicals means that sheep are exposed to an artificial environment. We apply both natural selection and negative de-selection with the Bohepe sheep.



Murray Grey Yearling Bull

Renowned as the easy care versatile cattle.

First introduced to the South Island of New Zealand by Roger Beattie's father, Doug.

Naturally excellent mothers with an ability to produce milk that is second to none. Complimenting the low, cost easy care farming and roaming free on the Beattie organic farm and lifestyle blocks.

Eastern Buff Weka

Keeping Weka requires a permit to hold and a permit to transfer. We can help.