Kowhai Vale

Vailed in the native Kowhai flower,  322 ha including our predator proof reserve for Weka, Kowhai Vale is located on the South West side of the Akaroa Harbour, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand. A truly stunning hillside farm with spectacular views of the harbour. Kowhai Vale was the first property brought by the Beatties and it was the start of many things.

Natural Farming - Beyond Organics.

Our Vision

To Create unique foods and fibres of outstanding quality by combining the wonderful diversity of nature with infinite human ingenuity.


Ataahua means 'beautiful' and absolutely encapsulates our 296 ha fully certified organic easy care hill country block, that it home to Bohepe and Pihepe sheep. The past couple of years we have spent a lot of time in building up the native tree and bush areas.

Our Philosophy

That we can better feed and clothe a growing population; through strong property rights, innovation, respect for others and doing good whilst doing well.

Lucas Bay

Grazing the impressive hill tops and down to the sea, Pihepe Pitt Island Wild sheep run free over these fully certified organic 353 hectares on Banks Peninsula. A coastal hillside adds flavour to the meat and is the perfect wild environment for the sheep.

Our Goal

To become the world's premier easy care, ethical, organic farm producer of pastoral based protein and to be regarded as the epitome of 'enviropreneurs'.

Lansdowne Valley

Our 13 ha lifestyle block in Canterbury home to our family flock of 4 generations of Pihepe sheep. This property is used for intensive farming practises and experimental trials. Also home to the NZ Kelp business this is the main residence of the Beatties.

Our Aim

To create a paradigm shift in thinking about easy care ethical sheep and beef farming.

Marine Farming and Ocean Harvesting

Blue Pearl Culture alongside multi species marine farming in Akaroa Harbour is the beginnings of the Eyris blue pearl and Sea Right Investments Ltd.

Sustainable ocean harvesting of New Zealand's richest kelp, Giant Kelp produces a fully certified organic range of dried kelp products. The pure ocean waters of New Zealand flow through the throngs of Giant Kelp, providing nutrients to our fastest growing plant Macrocystis pyrifera (Giant Kelp).

Giant Kelp is now within the New Zealand quota Management system. Every piece of NZ Kelp can be traced back to the area it was harvested from.