Spring Sowing? Use Kelp!

NZ Giant Kelp Seaweed

We've seen a massive increase in productivity when Zelp Kelp Powder is used with root crops. 


This is a breakthrough; a complete game changer for efficiency and output levels for commercial growers, which will be directly and immediately reflected in their income.


With Spring sowing  just around the corner, a commercial scale testimonial shows remarkable results when Zelp kelp powder was used.
NZ Kelp customer Nigel Greenwood experienced a 27% increase of 1st grade carrots last Autumn.
Half the carrot crop was sown with Zelp at the rate of 23kg/ha while the other half was sown without. The resulting crop from the Zelp bed produced 41,684kg/ha of 1st grade carrots compared with 32,909kg/ha from the control bed. In bottom line terms, Nigel’s $483 investment gave him a $7,898/ha return.
Alongside in house trials on Radish, carrot, chicory and potato at the Beattie farm, Nigel’s independent trial demonstrates the tremendous potential for Zelp when it is sown with seed. “Zelp works equally well in organic or conventional agriculture and horticulture; as well as with coated or uncoated seed”.
Roger ran a trial on his Banks Peninsula farm with brassicas which produced 49% greater yield when 2kg Zelp kelp powder was sown with uncoated rape and turnip seed, compared to the control. Increased germination of turnip was the main factor.
“It was instantly possible to see the huge quantity of turnip in the paddock with Zelp compared to the control crop. There were an average of 7 turnips per square metre where 2kg Zelp per ha was sown with the seed, compared with less than 1 per 10 square metres in the control section of the paddock.”  See photo comparison.
Kelp will work best when your paddock fertility is at its optimum level. Zelp kelp is extremely high in antimicrobial properties, high in growth hormones, contains a large number of bioavailable nutrients, is high in complex sugars and has the ability to keep a moist environment around germinating seeds.
Roger Beattie is amazed that we’ve got all the way to the 21st century and have only just realised that dried Giant Kelp can have a staggering effect when used with seed.
The business is growing rapidly. “We want lots of people to be using Zelp on root crops because we now have evidence that it’s the best way to use this product.” Roger is so convinced of success that he’s inviting all his customers to clearly record and share their results with him. He promises to refund the cost of the Zelp to the customer who he believes has achieved the most significant result.
”We can’t wait to see how productivity increases for our customers. We’re following more trials with spuds, and brassicas and new uses with barley, asparagus, berries and all kinds of other fruit and veges”.
Roger and Nicki Beattie set up NZ Kelp and have been ocean harvesting Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) off the Akaroa coast line for over a decade, with an organic dried kelp product range for animals, plants and people. The point of difference to other kelp, is that NZ Kelp harvest from live and slowly but constantly dry the Giant Kelp so as not to denature it.
As NZ Kelp continues to build its customer base, they launched Zelp Powder Pots for Gardens and Pets in 2013. “We know that not everyone grows crops by the hectare and wanted to give everyone the opportunity to access Zelp – whatever their land size”.
Valére Kelp Pepper for health & nutrition has also remained a popular product and is widely available in stores throughout New Zealand and the UK.
As the fastest growing plant in New Zealand, Giant Kelp works as fast as it grows! 

The NZ Kelp Retail and Wholesale product range


Zelp NZ Kelp

Wholesale Zelp Kelp - for use in Agriculture & Horticulture

We are constantly amazed by the diversity of possible uses for this product from animal health supplement to growth stimulant and plant health promotant, frost protection and anti microbial use.


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Valere kelp - your good health

Valére Kelp Pepper - for Taste & Nutrition

Valére Kelp Pepper is hand gathered fresh, clean and live from the ocean. Nothing is added or removed from our totally natural, fully certified organic product, except the water.


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Zelp Gardens & Pets

Zelp Kelp Powder Pots - for your Gardens & Pets

Giant Kelp is high in growth promotants and hormones, so when it is used on the land it transfers these properties and makes things grow.

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Valere kelp - for human consumption

Valére Kelp - for Health Products & Catering

Our unique method of drying the kelp to retain its colour, goodness and flavour has changed little over time. Nothing is added and only water is removed leaving 100% pure New Zealand kelp.


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