NZ Kelp

NZ Giant Kelp Seaweed

We sustainably harvest New Zealand's richest kelp - Giant Kelp, to produce top quality organically certified dried kelp products.



Ocean Harvesting & Sustainable Management

Hand Ocean Harvesting NZ KelpThe pure ocean waters of New Zealand flow through the throngs of Giant Kelp, providing nutrients to our fastest growing plant Macrocystis pyrifera (Giant Kelp).


This is a plant capable of growing in the high energy surf zone, battling the crashing waves and the ebb and flow of the tide - a truly fascinating story.


The journey starts with microscopic kelp spores floating around the ocean before attaching to a rock that enables them to soak up energy from the sun and grow skywards whilst feeding on the sea's natural bounty.


NZ Kelp is freshly hand gathered straight from the ocean. Nothing is added and only water is removed through air drying and gentle dehumidification. We don't de-nature our kelp's quality by fast drying.


Giant Kelp is now within the New Zealand quota Management system. Every piece of NZ Kelp can be traced back to the area it was harvested from.


Nutrient Rich

NZ Kelp Forest

NZ Giant Kelp

Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) contains 29 trace elements, is a good source of iodine and has three times the potassium content compared to sodium.


Being very rich, only small amounts are required so just a little goes a long way compared with other kelp/seaweed varieties.


Being bathed in the ocean and simply dried after harvesting, NZ Kelp retains all the nutritional advantages from the goodness of the plant combined with natural sea water.



The NZ Kelp Retail and Wholesale product range

Zelp Gardens & Pets

Zelp Kelp Powder Pots - for your Gardens & Pets

Giant Kelp is high in growth promotants and hormones, so when it is used on the land it transfers these properties and makes things grow.

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Valere kelp - your good health

Valére Kelp Pepper - for Taste & Nutrition

Valére Kelp Pepper is hand gathered fresh, clean and live from the ocean. Nothing is added or removed from our totally natural, fully certified organic product, except the water.


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Zelp NZ Kelp

Wholesale Zelp Kelp - for use in Agriculture & Horticulture

We are constantly amazed by the diversity of possible uses for this product from animal health supplement to growth stimulant and plant health promotant, frost protection and anti microbial use.


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Valere kelp - for human consumption

Valére Kelp - for Health Products & Catering

Our unique method of drying the kelp to retain its colour, goodness and flavour has changed little over time. Nothing is added and only water is removed leaving 100% pure New Zealand kelp.


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