Valére Kelp - Tasty & Nutritious

 Gourmet NZ Seafood garnished with Valere Kelp 





Valére Kelp is hand gathered fresh, clean and live from the ocean. Nothing is added or removed from our totally natural product except the water, through air drying and gentle dehumidification.






Valére Kelp Pepper - It's healthy and tasty.


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Valére Kelp Pepper began when our family used it dried and flaked onto fish at BBQs on the beach. We discovered it was tasty and enhanced the flavour of the fish.


We then cracked it into smaller pieces and used it at home, where it sat on the family dining table and was shaken onto meals. One morning our 4 year old son said "can you pass the 'kelp pepper' please" and a new name was coined.


Our unique method of drying the kelp to retain its colour, goodness and flavour has changed little since that time.  


Kelp has been eaten by man for centuries and forms a major part of many peoples' diet. It is also taken as a health product.


Within my role as a medical doctor I recommended, where appropriate, the use of live foods in the diet in preference to pharmaceuticals.


Valére Kelp looks like pepper but tastes like kelp. As a natural flavour enhancer, Valére teases the senses with the aroma and taste of the sea. 


It's healthy and tasty.


Dr Nicki Beattie"By the time I had reached the decision to cease medical practise, I was completely committed to the viability of making use of natural products to promote good health, primarily through diet. "


Nicki Beattie MD


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"The number of living creatures of all orders whose existence intimately depends on the kelp is wonderful"

Darwin, 1860



Valere - your good health



Kelp - a natural iodine supplement





Fish flaked with Valere Kelp




 Valere Kelp - Certified Organic