NZ Kelp

Wool in its simplest form from the heart of New Zealand


Capturing the essence of cosyness and celebrating the wonders of nature with Pilana 

wool yarns.


Hand knit

Wool as Ewe Wear it

Slow Fibre Movement


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Pitt Island Wild Sheep







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Ocean harvesting New Zealand's richest kelp - Giant Kelp


100% pure top quality fully certified organic dried kelp products, hand gathered fresh, live and clean from the ocean.


Taste & Nutrition

Agriculture & Horticulture 

Animal Health


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NZ Kelp

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Leading the way in the Animal Health Business


Join in New Zealand's move toward low cost, easy care sheep and beef farming.


Bohepe - Leave them alone

Pihepe - Naturally Nurtured


Sheep farming Ataahua NZ









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Pioneering Easy Care Ethical practice 'Beyond Organics'


Natural land farming alongside sustainable ocean harvesting and the art of Blue Pearl Culture.





Wild Sheep Lucas Bay NZHand Ocean Harvesting Kelp
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Roger Beattie Dr Nicki Beattie

Roger & Nicki Beattie


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Valere Kelp Pepper products

 Pilana Hand Knit Wool Yarn balls

$13.99 - $18.95


Valere Kelp Pepper products

 Valére Kelp Products




25g Valere Kelp Pepper Shaker

 250g Zelp Kelp for Gardens & Pets



Zelp Kelp for Agriculture & Horticulture

Zelp Kelp for Ag & Hort

$13.50-$35 pkg





Roger Beattie - Featured in Christchurch Press 24th September

Roger Beattie with a buff weka, an at-risk species he wants to farm and use to market his high-end wool products.


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AGS Scheme Planting with Associate Minister for Primary Industries - Jo Goodhew.

Jo Goodhew visited our farm to plant trees with Roger Beattie to mark the success of the first round of the Afforestation Grant Scheme (AGS).

"The AGS is an excellent way for people to make better use of low quality land by planting a wide range of tree species. The benefits of increased forest cover are significant and wide-ranging, not only does it contribute to increased carbon absorption, but it can also play a significant role in reducing soil erosion, improving water quality and mitigating extreme weather effects." Jo Goodhew





We have just released our latest product - Valere Wakame. The minimum order size is 1kg. Give us a call to place an order.

NEW ZELP BULK 500KG+ AND 1t+ pricing

The successes of ZELP over the past year has seen the volume demand increase, so we've extended our pricing structure to include new rates for orders over 500kg and 1 tonne ... Fantastic! What are the new rates? >



GIFT CERTIFICATES - We added Gift Certificates to our online shopping facilities

Now you can share any of our lovely products with your family and friends by giving them a gift certificates. These are redeemable right across the R&N Beattie website and can be used for NZ Kelp products or Pilana wool yarns.
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PILANA WOOL YARN - Enjoy discovering the Pilana wool yarn range
We've produced an information brochure to accompany our new Pilana wool yarn range, revealing just what makes the Pihepe fibres so special. We hope you enjoy reading it. Let me see >




ZELP KELP POWDER - Breakthrough for Root Crops
We've seen a massive increase in productivity when Zelp Kelp Powder is used with root crops. This is a breakthrough, a complete game changer for efficiency and output levels for commercial growers which will be directly and immediately reflected in their income. Show me how >



KELP PEPPER - Find a store near you

The Valére Kelp Pepper can now be found in many retails outlets throughout the country so we hope you enjoy browsing the range in any of these stores. Show me where >